Advantages of Greensboro Cosmetic Dentistry For You

When people think about improving their appearance, they usually think about their skin, weight, hair color and style, or a myriad of other things that can be changed.” How often do people think about their smile, which portrays happiness, laughter, and kindness towards others Studies show that when people smile more, others also perceive them as more attractive*! In addition to all of those benefits, did you know that smiling more can actually make you happier and healthier Smiling not only influences your mood, but can help lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and release endorphins which make you happier**! With all of these amazing benefits, why would anyone not consider improving their smile

If you know you have a beautiful smile, you re more likely to show it off, making not only you, but everyone around you happier and healthier in the process. “At the office of Dr. Bertrand Bonnick in Greensboro, North Carolina you can improve your smile, and your life, with confidence and peace of mind.” Dr. Bonnick offers free cosmetic dentistry consultations, which is an excellent way to start your journey to a happier, better, and more beautiful you.


are strips of porcelain a strong, stain resistant material – that are attached directly onto your teeth – making them whiter and stronger. Your teeth can also become more neat-looking because veneers are additional material added to your teeth, so any spots that are chipped or worn down can be filled in by these strips.” “Veneers can also help your lips appear more voluminous, defined, and can help reduce the appearance of lines around the mouth. This is a very popular cosmetic dentistry solution.

The application process of this form of cosmetic dentistry is fairly simple, and is done in two short visits.” In the first visit, the dentist will take a mold of your teeth to make the perfect fitting veneers.” The second visit will be a bit longer due to the dentist ensuring the veneers fit perfectly.” This might include him trimming the veneer, or adjusting the tooth itself to help it fit perfectly.” An acidic compound is applied to the tooth to help the bonding, then the cement is applied.” Once you give the okay, the dentist will cure the cement, creating a permanent bond with the veneer.” After the veneer is in place, your teeth will undergo a final cleaning, and you re done!

If you re nervous to try such a permanent cosmetic dentistry procedure, there are other procedures available at the Greensboro office of Dr. Bonnick. Another excellent procedure to help brighten your smile is known as teeth whitening, which is done in two easy appointments.” At the first appointment the dentist will take a mold of your teeth. The mold is then given to you at the second appointment to take home and wear with the whitening solution for 30 minutes at a time, two times per day.” This is not a permanent solution, as your teeth can become stained by things like drinking coffee or wine.” However, whitening is an excellent to see the differences in your mood and appearance that cosmetic dentistry can make!

There are many other types of operations that can help improve your smile, including porcelain fixed bridges which can help fill in missing teeth using the same material as the veneers.” Crowns are another form of implant that utilize porcelain, which covers existing teeth to help improve appearance and strength.” Overall many procedures exist to correct any abnormalities that you may have.” No matter what you need to improve your smile, Dr. Bonnick can help you get the smile you deserve.” Call for a free cosmetic dentistry consultation today!