Stop Halitosis With Burlington Bad Breath Treatment

The last thing you want people to remember about you is your bad breath. So when you suffer from this embarrassing problem, you want to solve it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, halitosis is not always easily resolved with brushing and flossing. That’s where we come in! By visiting us for bad breath treatment in Burlington, you will:

  • Feel better about the state of your smile
  • Renew your confidence in your oral health
  • Resolve oral health problems lurking under the surface
  • Discover long-lasting relief for your breath problems

Don’t let bad breath bring you down! Call 336-347-4195 for an appointment.

We’ll Help You Overcome Your Bad Breath Problems

There are a variety of reasons you have bad breath. One of the main reasons is poor oral hygiene practices at home. When you neglect your dental health, you are allowing bacteria, plaque, and tartar to build up. This can lead to halitosis, or chronic bad breath.

However, sometimes the cause is more complicated than that. When you visit us to treat your breath issues, your dentist may recommend one of the following solutions:

  • Dental Cleaning and Exams –  Often the best solution to this chronic problem is a professional cleaning. We’ll thoroughly clean your teeth and gums and remove the bacteria and plaque causing the issue.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – One of the symptoms of gum disease is bad breath. You may have also noticed you have dry mouth or red, swollen gums. If that’s the case, your dentist will do a deep cleaning procedure to restore your gum health.
  • Restorative Dentistry – Cavities and infected teeth can also lead to breath issues. We can eliminate the cavity with a filling or crown or treat an infection with a root canal procedure.

We can also recommend products to use at home if your halitosis persists.

If you are nervous about a procedure, you can relax in knowing we offer three forms of sedation to help you stay calm. You can also wear headphones or watch television during the appointment so you stay happily distracted.

Enjoy fresh breath again with our bad breath treatment in Burlington. Call 336-347-4195 for an appointment. We have early morning hours throughout the week for your scheduling convenience.