TMJ Treatment / Teeth Grinding
  • Ease jaw pain with a custom night guard
  • Get relief without surgery
  • Protect your smile from teeth grinding
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End Jaw Pain With TMJ Treatment in Burlington

Are you tired of dealing with an aching jaw that hurts every time you open or close it? If so, Relax Dental offers help for jaw pain with our TMJ treatment in Burlington. Over the years, we have successfully treated many patients who had been suffering with jaw pain and other symptoms. Our TMJ therapy using a custom-fit appliance can help you:

  • Reduce or eliminate your jaw pain
  • Stop annoying jaw popping when you chew
  • Reduce tension in your neck and shoulders
  • Stop your unexplained headaches
  • Put an end to harmful teeth grinding
  • Help you sleep more comfortably

It’s possible to get the relief you’ve been seeking! Call Relax Dental today at 336-347-4195 to schedule a consultation. You’ll find our friendly office on Delaney Drive, not far off South Church Street.

A TMJ Appliance Can Work Wonders for Your Jaw

Stats Image More than 10 million people in the U.S. have TMJ disorder. Source.
You probably don’t think much about your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) – that is, until they start to hurt. These joints connect your upper jaw to your skull and make it possible to open and close your mouth. When they become irritated – for reasons that are still not fully understood – you can experience a significant amount of pain when eating, talking, or yawning. Your jaw may also pop when chewing or even become locked into place at times.

We don’t take any of these symptoms lightly. That’s why we offer TMJ therapy in the form of a custom-fit appliance. All you have to do is put the appliance in when you go to bed and let it do its work. It will move your lower jaw slightly forward, reducing tension on your TMJs so they can begin to heal. As a bonus, the appliance will also eliminate teeth grinding (which many people do in their sleep without knowledge of it) that could potentially require restorative dentistry to repair.

If a TMJ appliance doesn’t help your symptoms, you can work with Dr. Wallace to explore other treatment options. We’ll do all we can to help you feel better.

When you need TMJ treatment in Burlington, call the team at Relax Dental at 336-347-4195. You can also request an appointment online. You can also schedule your next dental cleaning and exam when you contact us.

Common Questions About TMJ Treatment / Teeth Grinding

Does TMJ treatment work?

Yes, our TMJ treatment has been able to help many patients over the years relieve their pain for good. No matter which type of treatment you end up going with, the team here at Relax Dental will make sure it’s the right one for you. Besides you, no one wants your treatment to be successful more than we do.

How long does TMJ treatment take?

We understand you want to end the pain caused by a TMJ disorder as soon as you can. The truth is that treatment can take weeks or months depending on the severity of your situation and what needs to be done. For most patients, an oral appliance is the perfect solution in and of itself. For some patients, we may need to explore other TMJ treatment options.

Will insurance pay for my TMJ treatment?

Your insurance may pay for part of your TMJ treatment. We can help determine what your plan will and won’t cover and what your portion of the cost may be. Keep in mind that we offer financing options to help pay for your treatment. We work with CareCredit, which has low-interest payment plans.

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