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Reverse Years of Dental Damage With a Full-Mouth Reconstruction in High Point

If you have widespread dental damage, you may have given up hope on getting your smile back. However, the restoration experts at Relax Dental can use a High Point full-mouth reconstruction to give you back a full set of beautiful and functional teeth. With our smile rehabilitation, you can:


      • Smile with full confidence that your teeth look great
      • Eat a wider variety of nutritious and delicious foods
      • Make better first impressions
      • Speak more clearly so you don’t have to repeat yourself
      • Look younger, more attractive, and more robust

    Get started remaking your smile today! Contact Relax Dental to schedule an appointment. Be sure to ask our team about our sedation options if you need help relaxing at the dentist’s.

    A Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Gives You Back More Than Just Your Teeth

    Most people who have all their teeth probably don’t think about the crucial role that they play in their lives. They make it easy to bite and chew an assortment of hearty and crunchy foods like apples, corn-on-the-cob, and steak. Plus, when you have a full set of attractive teeth, you’re not worried about how your smile looks to others.

    People who have lost all or nearly all their teeth have to pick and choose what they can eat, plus they may have mastered the “closed-lip” smile to avoid letting others see their teeth.

    That’s where a total-mouth reconstruction comes in. Here’s how the process will work:


        • You’ll visit our office for a consultation, during which we’ll go over your options and help you decide on a treatment plan. Most of the time, dental implants will be used for your teeth reconstruction.
        • We’ll use a 3-D CT scanner and digital X-rays to plan out your procedure.
        • On the day of your implant placement, we’ll use a computer-guided procedure to make sure each implant goes exactly where it needs to be.
        • In most cases, after a healing process, we’ll attach your new teeth to your implants.
        • You’ll have a winning smile and strong bite again!

      If you don’t want dental implants or are not a good candidate for them, we also offer traditional dentures to make your smile whole again.

      To find out more about full-mouth reconstruction in High Point, contact Relax Dental today schedule your consultation.