Restore Your Smile With High Point Tooth Fillings

You probably don’t think much about fillings on a daily basis – at least until you need one. However, High Point tooth fillings are one of the most common procedures we perform here at Relax Dental. We can use these dental restorations to:

  • Put an end to dental decay
  • Stop the pain caused by a cavity
  • Make biting and chewing comfortable again
  • Protect the health of your other teeth and gums
  • Help you avoid more extensive dental work in the future

If you think you might need a tooth filled, call the smile team at Relax Dental today at 336-444-6608. Be sure to ask about our three sedation options when you call. We’ll make sure you’re relaxed when you get your tooth filled.

Stop Decay With Dental Fillings

There’s a good chance that sooner or later you’ll develop a cavity. When that time comes, know that the team at Relax Dental is here to help you get your smile back in order. We mostly place composite resin tooth fillings because:

  • They are tooth-colored and blend in naturally with the rest of your smile.
  • They are metal-free and made up of tiny particles of glass and plastic.
  • They require removing less healthy tooth structure.

We can also place traditional metal amalgam (silver) fillings if needed. Sometimes the location of a cavity or tooth damage will make using an amalgam filling a better choice. Your dentist will discuss both options with you and help you decide which type of filling will work better for your situation.

We also have other tooth repair options if a standard tooth filling won’t work:

  • Inlays – An inlay is a custom restoration, usually made from porcelain, that covers the top of the tooth between the cusps (tips).
  • Onlays – Onlays are similar to inlays, except they extend over the sides of the tooth to repair more extensive damage.
  • Crowns – We can make you a crown in-house using our CEREC system to cover your damaged tooth and help strengthen it.

For tooth fillings in High Point, come to Relax Dental. Call us today at 336-444-6608 to schedule your appointment.