Stop Your Pain With TMJ Treatment in High Point

You may be all too familiar with the symptoms of TMJ problems – jaw pain, jaw popping, neck and shoulder tension, and unexplained headaches. If you are, then we want you to know that help is available at Relax Dental in the form of a comfortable oral appliance. We offer TMJ treatment in High Point that will:

  • Put an end to jaw pain and popping
  • Reduce or eliminate your headaches
  • Reduce tension in your neck and shoulders so you can relax
  • Make it easier to talk, eat, and yawn
  • Allow you to sleep in comfort
  • Eliminate harmful teeth grinding

Get the relief you need by making a simple phone call. Contact Relax Dental today at 336-444-6608 to schedule an appointment. We’re conveniently located near the Palladium Shopping Center and South University-High Point.

Feel Better With Expert Treatment

Most people don’t think about their temporomandibular joints (TMJs) until they begin to hurt. These complex joints sit on either side of your head and connect your jaw to your skull. They make it possible to open and close your mouth when eating, talking, yawning, and even singing.

Researchers aren’t certain why the TMJs can become inflamed and irritated, but when they do, they can put you in quite a bit of pain. The team at Relax Dental can help, however:

  • We can take digital impressions (without the goopy mess of traditional impressions) and have our lab partner create a TMJ appliance for you.
  • You’ll wear it while sleeping, and it will move your lower jaw slightly forward to reduce tension on your jaw joints.
  • This slight movement is enough to allow your TMJs to begin the healing process and help you start feeling better.
  • The appliance will also prevent teeth grinding, which can cause headaches and damage your tooth enamel that requires restorative dentistry to repair.

If you need another form of TMJ treatment, Dr. Wallace can work one-on-one with you to explore other options. Our goal is to get you to the point where you can experience normal jaw function every day without pain.

For TMJ treatment in High Point, call Relax Dental today at 336-444-6608. You can also request an appointment.