Implant Dentistry

Missing teeth can cause issues with self-confidence, anxiety, and trouble chewing and digesting food. When talking with our dental implant patients, we often hear that they have started to shy away from social situations, avoid favorite foods, and suffer from other negative consequences.

If you’re missing teeth, or know you have to have teeth removed for medical or cosmetic reasons, you don’t have to suffer in silence—dental implants may be a great solution for you. Although there are temporary options such as partial or complete dentures, implant dentistry is a solid and permanent solution that restores your beautiful smile once and for all

Six Benefits of Tooth Replacement (Dental Implants):

  1. Dental Implants Will Prevent Your Teeth From Shifting,
  2. Allow You Retain Your Appearance By Promoting Bone Stimulation,
  3. Help You Maintain the Health and Beauty of Your Natural Smile,
  4. Prevent Gum Disease and Other Future Complications,
  5. Protect Your Existing Teeth from Damage,
  6. And Deliver a Beautiful Complete Smile!

Implants In Our Office

Relax Dental is dedicated to providing patients with the best implant dentistry in North Carolina. Our team is constantly undergoing continuing education, honing their skills, and learning about the latest procedures, treatments, and technology in the implant dentistry field.

In our office, we use several systems of implants, depending on the results we are trying to achieve. Your care plan may include extractions, bone grafts, root canals, fillings, or gum treatments. We may be able to accomplish everything in one visit, or we may require a few visits. We offer All-On-4 implants as a one-stop implant experience; talk with your practitioner about whether the All-On-4 system is right for your needs.

Because we are known for our excellence in implant dentistry, we have many patients who come from across the state or even out of state to receive care here at Relax Dental. In those cases, patients are often able to have their preliminary CT scans done at home so that we can be prepared when they arrive at our office. No matter where you live, we hope you’ll contact us to learn more about implant dentistry.