Volunteers Needed for Sedation Dental Study

Are you local to High Point/Winston Salem/Greensboro/Jamestown/Kernersville, NC and struggling to get the dental care you need? Either you don’t have insurance, or you are fearful to go to the dentist at all?

Dr. Bertrand Bonnick, our local sedation dentist helping you overcome your dental fears, has an ongoing commitment to the community. This community mission is two fold. The first objective is to help people like you who need dental dental care but are fearful to go or maybe don’t have the dental insurance or financial resources to pay for the services they need. The second is to teach 100 other dentists how to perform sedation dental services safely for their clients under the rules and regulations of the NC Dental Association.

Currently Dr. Bonnick is looking for people like you to pre-qualify for a dental event coming up in April!! This pre-qualification screening is scheduled for April 12th with treatment begining on april 14th. The prescreening is required prior to the event in order to reserve your sedation dental appointment.

Dr. Bertrand Bonnick is hosting the Aristotle Institute for the 6th year in a row, and has been sponsoring sedation dentistry courses for over 8 years. Each year, Dr. Bonnick and his dental team selects 80 local people who have applied to participate in clinical sessions. Those qualified to undergo sedation can select from extractions, fillings, and cleanings. The sedation portion of the services are performed at no cost to you for that day (a $200-800 savings); you would only pay $50 per individual service received. As an example, if you needed two fillings, you would only pay $100 to receive treatment under sedation. A deposit of $50 will be due in advance of the scheduled course to reserve your appointment. Please be sure to inform a caregiver the date of your sedation appointment so they can accompany you to the office and home safely following the appointment.

Experienced dental practitioners will be working alongside their staff as part of their clinical cases for sedation permits under North Carolina Dental Board regulations.

If you are local to High Point/Winston Salem/Greensboro/Jamestown/Kernersville, NC and struggling to get the dental care you need, or you don’t have insurance, or are fearful to go to the dentist at all, then contact us today for an opportunity to get the care you know you need.