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When You Could Use a Dental Crown

Your tooth is not what it used to be. The reasons why your tooth has become a problem is not important right now. What is important is fixing it so your pain and embarrassment don’t get worse.

You can get a dental crown at Relax Dental for any of these reasons.

Broken Tooth

What was supposed to be a fun football game can end quickly if someone takes a tackle the wrong way. Rebuild your tooth with a crown.

Decayed Tooth

Most of the time, a filling is more than enough to repair a cavity. If the decay is too great, however, a crown is a better solution.

Infected Tooth

Your toothache is not going to go away. You are likely to need a root canal to remove the infected tissue, along with a crown to cap the tooth to restore your smile.

Misshapen Tooth

This is primarily a cosmetic benefit, but a crown can be made that fits in better with the rest of your teeth.

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