3 Ways Sedation Dentistry Can Help Overcome Dental Phobias

Minor dental phobia can be as minor as not liking the sound of the dental equipment or the smell of the stryle office environment. It isn’t something that stops you from going, but it does make you a little on edge while you are waiting for your time with the hygenist or dentist. This level of anxioty can be treated with soothing sents and sounds in the practice reception room as well as nitrus oxide when you get into the treatment room. Nitrus oxide, also known as laughing gas, allows our patients to relax and take that little edge off that they can experience entering a dental facility.

Mild dental phobia can be a marginonally more unnerving. Maybe you have had a bad experience before at the dental office, or you are intimidated by the amount of work you would like done and it is casuing some undue anxioty. That is ok. You aren’t alone. Many of our patients have been in your shoes.  Oral sedation can help you over come this level of anxioty. Typically following a consultation and some xrays an oral sedation appointment is scheduled and you leave with a perscription to help settel the anxioety the night before you come in for treatment. Once you are in the office the day of treatment we provide additional oral medication that will make you feel very relaxed. Infact, most of our patients do rest while we work through the prediscussed dental care. It is important that with this level of sedation you have a designated caregiver who can help get you to and from the office and rest room for your appointment.

Extreme dental phobia may include extreame gag reflex or perhaps a fear of pain passed down from a family member that has made you unwilling to see a dentist ever, or even a medical condition that doesn’t allow you to sit in a dental chair. These are all situations we see regularly in our office. You are not alone and we can help you too! In this case IV sedation or general anesthesia may be the best rout. This would ensure you are fully relaxed and resting while the medical staff take careof your dental needs. Our staff is certified and trained in IV sedation, and we are the only dental staff permitted to opperate in the operating room of High Point Regional under general anesthesia.

So weather you have gag reflex  you can’t control, or you just need to take that edge off so the sound of the dental equipment doesn’t stress you out, we have a sedation solution for you! Coming from a patient who knows, if you have oral sedation to get serval things done at once, the following visits are so much less stressful that you feel more comfortable with niturs oxide or nothing at all. Having a sedation experience allows you to gain trust in the doctor, the staff, and the process of having healthy teeth which allows you to over come that anxioty one appointmnet at a time.