Hepatitis B and your oral health

Did you know July is Hepatitis awareness month?

With that in mind we wanted to share some interesting tips that can help you prevent contracting Hepatitis B particularity as that is the gateway to Hep C&D per this health line article.

Hepatitis B is usually contracted through the sharing of bodily fluids like saliva. Often  times we think of kissing when we think about saliva but how often do you share your tooth brush with your spouse? It happens sometimes, usually when in a hurry in the morning (before coffee) to grab the wrong brush by mistake.

To avoid that happening try getting two different styles or colors of tooth brush. We also recommend a hers and his toothbrush holder location. This will help the pre-coffee brain from grabbing the wrong brush by mistake.

Also, if you are a young family with kids that you are teaching how to brush their teeth. It is important for them to use a brush that fits their mouth.  Adult brushes can be to big causing them discomfort or ineffective brushing. It could also lead to swapping Hepatitis B to the kiddos that haven’t yet received their vaccinations.  Make sure to purchase, or ask your dentist for, a kid brush to help them learn healthy habits while protecting them from harmful bacteria.

If you have questions about how to protect your family from Hepatitis B please feel free to give our office a call today. We love helping people live healthier lives!