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Restorative Dentistry Revives What You’ve Lost

A healthy smile makes daily life more enjoyable.

Missing teeth can leave you feeling uneasy about speaking or smiling when meeting someone new. Decayed and infected teeth can make it uncomfortable to eat or drink certain foods.

You shouldn’t feel that way about your smile. You should be able to smile, speak, and eat as you please without worrying about your teeth.

Through restorative dentistry at Relax Dental, you can regain the function of your teeth and rebuild your confidence in your smile. To make an appointment, call us today at (336) 841-0000 in High Point or (336) 226-4714 in Burlington!

Recreate Your Complete Smile

Restorative dental care has been around in some shape, form, or fashion for thousands of years. When people lost teeth, they understood that they also lost some of their ability to bite and chew. Missing or damaged teeth could make someone sound different when they spoke.

And, of course, lost and decayed teeth can alter the appearance of your smile.

Today, we have treatments to address all of those concerns. With modern restorations, you can:

  • Have a complete set of replacement teeth
  • Enjoy an amazing, natural-looking smile
  • Eat and drink without pain
  • Bite and chew anything you want to eat

Your teeth should allow you to enjoy your everyday life. They should not become a hindrance to how you want to live.

Renew Your Natural-Looking Teeth

As noted above, restorative dental care has been around for a long time. Various cultures have tried many things to replace lost teeth.

Some places used stones or seashells. At other times, teeth were removed from the deceased to be placed in dentures for the living. Animal teeth and bones have also been used as substitutes for human teeth.

You are likely aware of or even know people who have metal restorations. You might even have metal fillings or crowns. Fortunately, the materials used to make modern restorations are sturdy and mimic the appearance of real teeth.

Our team can help you with:

  • Decayed Teeth – Composite fillings and crowns can be used to rebuild your tooth.
  • Broken Teeth – When your teeth are damaged, crowns can repair them. Your teeth can look and feel as good as new.
  • Missing Teeth – Whether you are missing a single tooth or a complete row of teeth, we have services to restore your smile. Implants can make your replacement teeth as secure as the real thing.

Eat and Be Happy Again

At one time, restorative care was a far cry from recreating a real smile. Today, you can come to our practice to rebuild your amazing smile and your healthy, strong bite. Be yourself by remaking your smile with us!

For restorative dentistry, Call Relax Dental today at (336) 841-0000 in High Point, NC or (336) 226-4714 in Burlington! You also can request an appointment online.